Tuesday, October 12

The wonderful season of Autumn!

Hello all! I sincerely hope you are in a place where you can watch the leaves change, feel the crisp fall breeze, and the chill in the air. Unfortunately, I don't, so I have taken to making my home the essence of fall! I have pumpkin spice candles lit often, and a red/orange theme in my kitchen. With my next check, I plan to invest in some fall decorations to invite the essence of fall into my humble abode. I dream of autumn colored garlands gracing the tops of the walls, pumpkins set in corners or as centerpieces, and a few carefully selected decorations to keep watch on the windowsill. I think I am falling in love with Fall! As I walked through the craft stores, some decorative little items jumped out of me, and soon several little cards arranged themselves in my mind. You can find them in the "monthly" section. And then let's all bask in the essence of Autumn!

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