Friday, April 1

Paying it forward, the old fashioned way.

I remember being a Freshman in college, far from home and all things familiar. I would often go to my mailbox, hoping desperately for some indication that someone was thinking of me. Of course, most of the time, I left with bills and junk mail, but on those occasions when I pulled out a card, it was like I had found a treasure! And my heart practically glowed for the rest of the day. I loved the envelope and the card of course, but nothing matched what was inside-- and it wasn't money! The words penned in familiar handwriting brought home to me. Have you ever felt that way? Like someone just reached out and touched your heart. I don't know exactly why, but a card seems so much more personal than an email. And in my opinion, e-cards are just tacky! I love to write a note in a card and send it off, knowing that I just made that someone's day! Especially when they don't expect it! Just an out of the blue thinking of you. I would like to challenge you, dear reader. Find a card (you're at the right place) that you would like to send. It's an old fashioned pay it forward!