Tuesday, May 18

Baby Steps

Creative Moments is the birth of a dream I conceived years ago. Now, my dream is coming true! ... slowly. This, as with any birth, is the result of a painful journey. A chronic illness has stripped me of my ability to work. But, it has not stripped me of my ability to live! In fact, were it not for my chronic illness, I would not have the time to commit to such a venture. However, because of my chronic illness, Creative Moments is stepping forward with little, tiny baby steps. Such a slow progression may seem like a disappointment to you. But you can use it to your advantage, and I'll tell you how. Right now, I am very slowly getting the "next" card prepared. Are you looking for a card that's not there? Tell me! Yours can be the next card! You can even personalize it! If your little sister's favorite colors are pink and purple, and she really likes fairy tales, I can make a pink and purple fairy tale card just for her! This is not a "One card fits all" business! Peruse, enjoy, and maybe even request. The options are limitless! Make sure you check out our Facebook page! Just type "Creative Moments" in the search box! If you can't find it there, let me know, and I can send you an invite. Happy perusing! Creative Moments