Friday, April 1

Paying it forward, the old fashioned way.

I remember being a Freshman in college, far from home and all things familiar. I would often go to my mailbox, hoping desperately for some indication that someone was thinking of me. Of course, most of the time, I left with bills and junk mail, but on those occasions when I pulled out a card, it was like I had found a treasure! And my heart practically glowed for the rest of the day. I loved the envelope and the card of course, but nothing matched what was inside-- and it wasn't money! The words penned in familiar handwriting brought home to me. Have you ever felt that way? Like someone just reached out and touched your heart. I don't know exactly why, but a card seems so much more personal than an email. And in my opinion, e-cards are just tacky! I love to write a note in a card and send it off, knowing that I just made that someone's day! Especially when they don't expect it! Just an out of the blue thinking of you. I would like to challenge you, dear reader. Find a card (you're at the right place) that you would like to send. It's an old fashioned pay it forward!

Wednesday, March 30

Do you have a business?

Hello my dear friends, I am looking for businesses to host my giveaways as well as offer giveaways on my page. This should help you find great deals, and maybe even help more people find and enjoy Creative Moments. If you do not own a business, you are perched in the perfect position to gather great deals from a variety of businesses, and helps you learn more about small businesses that are out there. If you have a business, this could be the perfect opportunity for you to get some extra advertizing! For information about participating in an upcoming giveaway, please email me at My goal is to schedule one giveaway each month. Meanwhile, enjoy the new cards that pop up! Rachel Balint

Monday, February 7

February! The month of love!

Hello my visitors! Love is in the air! Still! You alll must have had some amazing Valentine's Days. Let me know about them! Post pictures, share stories or favorite memories! I love new customers! Each new customer who places an order within the month of February gets a free card of their choice with their order! Next month we honor customers who have ordered in the past. So . . . If you're a new customer in February, you have quite the opportunity here! (:

Wednesday, January 12

January giveaway winner!!!

congrats to Ron n Sandy Carlson! The number was 176, and their guess of 111 on Facebook won a free card! For the rest of you, as a thank you for playing, I am offering a dollar off the card you bid on if you order by Friday, January 21st. :)

Friday, January 7

January giveaway!

January giveaway!!!! Ok, so I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 1,000. The person who guesses the closest wins a card! You must place your guess AND your card selection either on this page, on my Creative Moments Facebook page, or email me at Each person may guess up to three times, but only once per page: blog, email, or Facebook. Ends January 12th at 5 pm CST. What's your guess?