Wednesday, October 20

Why Creative Moments?

As the idea of selling cards initially formed in my mind, I kept asking myself why someone would order my cards when they could go across the street and buy a card on demand at the local drug store. Mine do have the home-made advantage, but is that really enough? I determined to add an incentive to buy my cards. I offer something that the store across the street simply cannot offer. You can personalize the cards you buy! If your boy is graduating, and you think my dreamy birthday card would work, if only it were blue instead of purple, just let me know, and it's done! I can even change the wording! You can tweak my cards however you would like at no extra cost! My only request is an extra week. I may need to brainstorm or buy more supplies for your card. So, as you look at my cards, feel free to email me about changes you would like. Send your requests to: I look forward to making something specifically for you! :o)

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